“TEMPLE of LOVE” & “Teo Eng Seng LIVING the LIFE” _ National Gallery Singapore 01-02.2024

National Gallery Singapore, Façade
Light to Night 2024

19 Jan–8 Feb 2024

TEMPLE OF LOVE _A tale of catastrophe and destruction, rooted in Indonesian folkloric traditions…

Depicts the story of a monster who appears in the middle of the night, wreaks havoc and mercilessly devours the world. This catastrophe leads to the destruction of buildings and nature, causing upheaval within the community. After a long, tiresome battle with the monster, Mother Nature appears and heals the earth with her powerful hands, endless love and nurturing energy, and the world is rejuvenated, healed and fertile once again

by Arahmaiani, Wayang Merdeka, and Milosh Luczynski at National Gallery Singapore’s façade projection: Indonesian visual and performance artist Arahmaiani presentis her light projection work in collaboration with shadow puppetry collective Wayang Merdeka and multi-disciplinary visual and intermedia artist, Milosh Luczynski. Rooted in an ecological narrative of destruction and healing, the artists worked with various communities to depict the rejuvenating powers of Mother Nature

music by Jogja Hip Hop Foundation

Teo Eng Seng: Living the Life 

by Teo Eng Seng and Milosh Luczynski at National Gallery Singapore’s façade projection:

“Teo Eng Seng: Living the Life ” is a celebration of an artist whose life and practice are defined by an openness and curiosity, and who continues to inspire and challenge today. Teo’s works invite us to see life in new ways, to experience the immediacy and spontaneity of everyday reality, and to embrace the beauty of imperfection.

Early Sigapore abstractionist Teo Eng Seng, is best known for his works in paperdyesculp.

music by Piotr Madej & Milosh Luczynski

National Gallery Singapore fetival Light to Night 2024

video projection and sound system by HEXOGONE SOLUTIONS

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